Local law enforcement on high alert after recent active shooter situations

Local law enforcement on high alert after recent active shooter situations

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Many government agencies and facilities around the country are on high alert following the recent string of active shooter situations.

How are local law enforcement prepared for an active shooter situation?

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office actually just completed an active shooter training in September. Their deputies learned how to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and first responders to learn how to effectively and quickly take down an active shooter.

There have been more than 300 mass shootings in 2015 alone, putting government buildings, government agencies, and law enforcement on high alert.

But in Beaufort County, both the sheriff's office and police departments prepare for the worst case scenarios

"From start to finish they will get a report. Officers will be everywhere and they'll be a call that goes out saying we got two active shooters inside so and so building so they do it from getting there arriving. Having a direct place where everybody comes to discuss the communication and exactly how everything is going to play out," said Bluffton Police Department Public Information Officer Joy Nelson.

And the training doesn't stop there. Officers are constantly revamping their techniques.

"When there are mass shootings like there were yesterday we look at that situation very closely and depending upon how the mass shooting was played out we will adjust our training to what is current," said Nelson.

And for some law enforcement agencies, what's current is the need for military equipment.

"The incidents recently of the mass shootings especially the one in San Bernardino highlight the need for preparedness and the need for military surplus equipment. They deployed armored vehicles out there and they were able to safely get to the suspects and clear it," said Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Capt. Bob Bromage.

The mass shootings also show the need for a joint effort of all law enforcement.

"The goal of our active shooter training was to build a bond with the other agencies and all be on the same sheet of music which is huge in events like this so people know what their role is and they're deployed immediately," said Capt. Bromage.

The sheriff's office added that outside of training to respond to active shooters, they are constantly working to prevent those type of situations by monitoring the guns that are entering and leaving the county.

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