SCCPSS Flexibility Options meeting held at Woodville-Tompkins

SCCPSS Flexibility Options meeting held at Woodville-Tompkins

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A community meeting was held Thursday night at Woodville-Tompkins High School to discuss Savannah-Chatham Public School System's Georgia Flexibility Options.

SCCPSS is currently in Phase Two.

The first phase required all school districts across Georgia to make a determination for which flexibility option to pursue by June 2015.  After careful review and much community input, the school board voted to support the recommendation for pursuit of the Strategic Waivers School System/IE².
This option provides access to some flexibility from Title 20 laws and State Board rules in exchange for higher student performance.

The State Department of Education has mandated that by April 1, 2016, all school districts pursuing SWSS/IE² must submit their application for consideration to the Georgia Department of Education and the Governor's Office of Student Achievement.  Because of this requirement, the superintendent will bring a recommendation to the school board to waiver certain Title 20 laws and State Board rules as part of the SWSS/IE² performance contract.

"The old way, you have flexibility as far as how to take action if you didn't meet the requirements on the federal no child left behind. Now, you're under control of the state department saying that if you don't meet the requirements, these are the consequences that you have to execute," said Chief Data and Accountability Officer David Feliciano.

Anyone interested in learning about the Georgia Flexibility Option waivers and providing input into the decision-making process, click here, where you can learn more about the option.

There are two more meetings next week: 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8th at East Broad Elementary and 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9th at Savannah High.

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