Dermaplaning: New beauty trend for women

Dermaplaning: New beauty trend for women

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As many men are picking up the razor again after "No Shave November", many women started picking it up too!
Yes, a fast growing beauty trend for women right now is shaving their faces.
Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology in Savannah says dermaplaning is a big trend with celebrities.

"It's a nice hair removal technique, it's a nice superficial exfoliator. It gives a nice, fresh, dewy appearance to the skin," said Dr. Howington.

The procedure takes about 25 minutes.

"You angle the blade at a 45 degree angle from the skin, you stretch the skin taut," she said.

Dr. Howington says the results are amazing.

"It also has another benefit of if you're using anti-aging products like antioxidants, retinoids, it's going to help with the penetration of those and you're going to see faster results," she said.

Dr. Howington says women have been shaving their faces for years. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were apparently big fans. She says the trend even may date back all the way to the ancient Egyptian times of Cleopatra. So why is this now becoming a trend again?

"It is a very cost effective way just to freshen up your appearance."

If you're wondering, why go to the dermatologist as opposed to doing it yourself at home?

"What we do is a little bit deeper. It's a little more of an angle."

And now the big question - will your facial hair grow back thicker and darker? Dr. Howington says no.

"The hair above the skin and below the skin even though they're part of the same follicle, they don't communicate. So whatever's happening on the surface of the skin, the hair follicle doesn't know that."

Dr. Howington says her clients typically get this procedure once every several weeks. 
She also warns not everyone will be a candidate. Women with certain skin conditions like bad acne, a bad sunburn, or women who have had radiation treatments should speak with their doctor first.

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