Beaufort County working on new animal shelter

Beaufort County working on new animal shelter

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - The Beaufort County Animal Control may have a new home in the upcoming future after the county council approves a plan for a new multi-million dollar facility.

The new facility will help the agency better care for the animals and help keep euthanasia rates down.

Leaky roofs, lack of insulation and poor drainage systems are just a few reasons the Beaufort County Animal Shelter needs a new home.

"We have cats that are housed near dogs. We don't have isolation and it's not cost effective because we're treating so many animals instead of preventing, so when they come in here it's an unhealthy environment because of the air exchange," said Beaufort County Animal Shelter Director Tallulah Trice.

She believes a new facility would help address those problems.

"They've got such great new technology where we can prevent disease, cross contamination, and noise control. So we're trying to build a facility that's disease control because we do have a lot of parvo, in this facility that can live here for years," said Trice.

The 23,000 square foot facility will replace the aging shelter and consist of three separate buildings for spay and neutering, adoptions and animal control.

"And with the new facility and us being so close together right now, I think that will be of some assistance because what happens is all animals have to go through a medical evaluation and of course spay and neutering, but right now we're separated kind of far you know north of the broad, south of broad, so being together on the same campus you have animal intake you have immediate medical assistance and you have another adoption facility," said Hilton Head Humane Society Executive Director Franny Gerthoffer.

The facility will cost an estimated $7 million and will house both the Beaufort County Animal Control and the Hilton Head Humane Society, which donated $1 million to the cause.

"We need to do something to help Beaufort County and the unwanted animals and in the last three years that we've been working together, we've seen a reduction in euthanasia and unwanted animals coming into her facility so we feel like this is the next big step and this was our contribution," said Gerthoffer.

The agencies expect to break ground in Bluffton for the new facility around this time next year.

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