Neighbors relieved after suspects arrested in Pinecrest murder

Neighbors relieved after suspects arrested in Pinecrest murder
Collette Collins, (Source: Bluffton PD)
Collette Collins, (Source: Bluffton PD)

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Details in a Bluffton man's murder are still very limited, but his neighborhood slept easy on Thursday night after finding out the people accused of killing one of their own was arrested.

The Bluffton Police Dept. charged Samuel Collins and his wife Collette with murder on Thursday. Investigators believe they used a shotgun to shoot Johnathan Cherol in October. Police said they used the gun to link the Collins couple to the murder.

People living in Pinecrest were a little frustrated because they've waited five long weeks to get any information about the murder. Many said since police did make an arrest, those five long weeks were definitely worth it.

A 911 call was just the beginning of many uneasy days for residents in the Pinecrest community. All they knew was their neighbor, Cherol, was killed, and the person who did it was still on the loose.

"That was kind of scary, not knowing what was going on," said neighbor Edith Wood. "If it was random or whatever was going on."

Police were very tight lipped about their investigation.

"We understand that our public may have been frustrated during the time it took to produce these arrest warrants, but there were reasons we didn't want to release details too early," said Bluffton Police Chief Joey Reynolds.

The chief said they didn't want to compromise the investigation by releasing too many details. Now that the accused murderers are behind bars, residents are thankful for the police work.

"It's understandable," said Wood. "You want them to do their job. I was happy that they actually caught somebody. We still don't know everything but at least they're going somewhere. It's nice to know that."

Residents hope the neighborhood can continue to live in peace, and they're glad Cherol will get some justice.

"Hopefully this will have closure for the victim's family as well," said neighbor Jeff Lyne.

Even though the murder suspects are in custody, police say the investigation is still open and active and detectives still have a lot of work to do. Officials haven't released a motive yet, but when they do, we will be the first to let you know.

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