Chatham Co. Sheriff's Office, Buddy Carter share insight on preparing for potential terror attacks

Chatham Co. Sheriff's Office, Buddy Carter share insight on preparing for potential terror attacks

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - As more information comes from the investigations into the terror attack in California, law enforcement in our own backyard are continuing their efforts to stay prepared for any kind of act of violence they might encounter.

That means many local police are receiving extra training, and equipping themselves with assault gear just in case.

Deputies here, and law enforcement nation-wide, are continuing to prepare for those "what if" situations, especially following the terror attack in California. Even though they are not primary first responders, Chatham County Sheriff's Deputies assisted Savannah-Chatham Metro Police as a potential standoff situation unfolded following a murder Thursday morning. And to be prepared for scenarios like that, some deputies are outfitted with M-4 rifles, and are highly trained to use them.

WTOC asked U.S. Representative Buddy Carter how the government handles national security without cultivating a culture of fear, and Interim Sheriff Harris talked about his office's role in keeping the community safe.

"We're not going to let them disrupt our lifestyle. If we do that, then they win. And we're not going to let them win. So, we have to continue on with our lives, and we will. But we have to be diligent, and we have to be cautious. It is a different world now," said Rep. Carter.

"What happened in California can happen in Savannah, Georgia. You have to be prepared. The equipment has to be ready to go. You've got to know how to use it, and be comfortable with it. That includes your heavier body armor, rifles, or whatever weapons you may have," said Interim Sheriff Harris.

Members of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office will actually be participating in an FBI-sponsored seminar in the near future, to further prepare them for any kind of situation.

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