Consider This! - 12/10

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Consider This Mayor DeLoach

The people have spoken and change is coming to Savannah.

Eddie DeLoach will become Savannah's 66th mayor next month, unseating Mayor Edna Jackson after just one term.  This call for change is really more of a cry for help from a city that's tired of seeing and hearing about deadly shootings on our streets.

In fact, literally as Mayor-elect DeLoach was celebrating his victory one person was shot and killed and three others injured just a few miles away.  That murder is just one of 54 investigated by the Savannah Chatham Metro Police this year.

That's the most in our community since Ricky Jivens reign of murderous terror ruled our streets in 1991, which also led this city to vote for change in government leadership.  The difference now, we're not just trying to rid our streets of a gang leader, we're trying to eradicate a belief by far too many of our youth that violence solves everything.

During his campaign, Eddie DeLoach promised to fortify our police force both in terms of numbers of officers on the streets and by the amount they're being paid.  While this is step in the right direction, it only treats the disease it doesn't cure it.  Consider this: to solve our crime problem, DeLoach is going to have to reach across all communities and build a coalition of trust and understanding.  And voting for change isn't enough involvement by you either, everyone must do their part.

We need to make programs and education available to all that teach there's nothing more valuable than life, and nothing more tragic than taking one or wasting your own.

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