Claxton Bakery's sweet Christmas treat

Claxton Bakery's sweet Christmas treat

CLAXTON, GA (WTOC) - Claxton proudly considers itself the Fruitcake Capital of the World.

It's even on the town's water tower. Most of us associate the dessert with Christmas even though it sells year round. Ride through Claxton and by the sign so often, and you forget just how big this company is all year long, but especially at Christmas.

One of the season's last batches of fruitcake came through the bakery. It starts with cherries, raisins and other fruit mixed with the batter. They bake almost 90,000 pounds per day during the season from September to December and four million for the year.

They rely on 100 seasonal workers in addition to their year round staff. The cake has become world famous since Albert Parker bought a bakery and turned it into a cake factory.

"The small town bake shop was beginning to fade from the scene due to supermarkets opening up," said Dale Parker, Claxton Bakery, Inc.

The company now sells its cakes in those supermarket chains as well as other stores. They also ship from online orders across the United States and Canada.

"It's been here 105 years. Several generations have worked hard in this business to maintain the tradition of quality," said Parker.

Dale says the ironic part is by the time many are getting in the holiday spirit and thinking of fruitcake, they've baked it all and it's on its way to stores across the country.

If you want to place a fruitcake order for the holiday, click here.

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