Joseph Shanklin Elementary says 'thank you' to veterans

Joseph Shanklin Elementary says 'thank you' to veterans

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Joseph Shanklin Elementary School took time Friday to honor the brave men and women that protect this country.

The afternoon started off with a luncheon for veterans and active duty parents. It was an opportunity for not only the students but their parents and school staff to say thank you.

Students made cards for veterans simply saying thank you for our service.  The school's chorus then performed a medley of holiday songs to get everyone in the holiday spirit. But Friday wasn't just about celebrating, it was about honoring those who fight to protect our basic rights, like education, and remembering those veterans who may have been forgotten.

"Cause everyday these brave men and women make sacrifices that allows our students to come to school and get that free and public education so it's an honor to give back to them and show them how much they mean to us," said Joseph Shanklin Elementary Principal Celestine Lavan.

"It's very important the Vietnam generation, because the men and women were never thanked for their services when they came back, so this a great opportunity to come out and for the children to recognize us it makes us all feel great," said Pdc. Ron Voegeli, Vietnam Veteran.

The principal added that they do this program during this time of year because this is the season of giving and as a community they want to give back to those who sacrificed so much.

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