Trial Resumes for Former Miss Savannah

Redmond in court today.
Redmond in court today.

It's week two in the murder trial of former Miss Savannah Nikki Redmond. The day started with Redmond on the stand in her own defense. The trial will decide whether she intentionally killed her boyfriend Kevin Shorter or shot in self-defense as she's always claimed.

"The first words when he got out of the car were, "[Expletive], I'm going to kill you,'" she testified.

She told jurors, who have the power to send her to jail for life, what happened during those moments that would forever change her life.

"Rachel was trying to calm him down," Redmond said. She added that Rachel Hall, the other woman in Shorter's life, actually tried to protect her from Shorter's rage.

"Rachel stepped in between us," testified Redmond. "There is no question. She stepped in between us. She blocked him."

When asked what she did next, Redmond said, "After he said, 'I'm going to kill this [expletive],' to her, I started to move towards my car."

Thinking that her boyfriend was coming after her, she got to her car and reached for her gun. She testified that Shorter made threatening motions with his hands, as if he were holding a gun. "I saw him reach into his car," she said.

That's when she said she fired a shot. Not realizing she'd hit him, she then drove off and went home. That's when she got a phone call.

"His friends had been to the scene before the police to clean out the car," she testified.

After hearing for the first time that Shorter was shot, she said she went into shock by the time police arrived to take her in.

"And my mom grabbed my face before I walked out of the house and said, 'Whatever you do, Nikki, tell the truth,'" she said.

Rebuttal witnesses are now being called to the stand and closing arguments are likely to be heard tomorrow afternoon.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,