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Asked and Answered: Where is Dottie the Streetcar on River Street?


The rails on River Street have been kind of bare lately.

People have been asking, where is Dottie the Street Car?

I can tell you, she’s right behind a fenced in area. She’s been there since February.

Here's a fun fact: the only year the streetcar has ran at entire year continuously was back in 2011. Hard to believe. 

Here's the reason Dottie is not running right now: According to the City of Savannah, the rails now need repairs. It's not the streetcar. After all the years and all the repairs we heard about, $81,000 for repairs in 2013. She returned in the summer of 2014. Now the city says the rails on River Street need to be fixed. 

The streetcar is actually a retrofitted electric engine and now, 10 months since February, it has been out of service. The city does not have a timeline for its return. Many wondering why the city doesn’t just stop vehicle traffic, or some vehicle traffic on River Street to repair the rails, it may be a question for another time. 

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