Family in Hardeeville concerned over vandalism

Family in Hardeeville concerned over vandalism

HARDEEVILLE, SC (WTOC) - A scary month for a Hardeeville woman after her home, car and church all vandalized in a three week time period.

Imagine waking up, looking out of your window and seeing that your car is vandalized not once but twice.

"The second Sunday of last month, November 8th, my husband came outside because we were going to church and all of the cars had been vandalized. They put water and ammonia in the gas tanks and slashed all the tires and spray painted his Camaro, his escalade," said Lenora Wilson, vandalism victim.

Just one week after the Wilsons got their cars repaired, the suspect was back. This time a little more aggressive.

"They spray painted our house. Spray painted the statues in the front, spray painted the back of my wall. Spray painted the vents in the front and of course the vehicles and they've slashed all the tires," said Lenora.

But the vandalism didn't stop at the house, the suspect went as far as spray painting a shed on the side of the church where she worships.

"Well for the last month we've had some unusual things happen on the campus of Greater Pentecostal, but someone has been putting graffiti on the wall and writing things that are really not appropriate for the ministry or the campus at all," said Pastor Deloris Young, Greater Pentecostal Temple.

Those writings call out the victim by name, saying "I love you Lenora Wilson. How dare you say there was no us." And the fact the suspect knows her name has her on edge.

"It's scary. I mean it is really scare because it seems to be progressing becoming more aggressive from the first event that happened and now this one comes. I'm concerned about my parishioners, someone stalking somebody," said Pastor Young.

"In all honesty, I couldn't come up with one person. We've never had any feuds with anyone or anything like that. This is something new. This is something new," said Lenora.

The Wilsons did file reports with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office and pulled the surveillance video from the church that captured the suspect in action. At this time, they're trying to piece everything together and find out who's responsible.

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