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State speaks to Meigs leaders about the law

Lori White, Meigs Resident Lori White, Meigs Resident
Chief Gary Price, Meigs PD Chief Gary Price, Meigs PD

A representative with the State Attorney's General Office is in Meigs to address the actions of Mayor Linda Harris and city council members.

The Attorney General's office has received numerous complaints about Meigs city leaders. One complaint in particular is that Mayor Linda Harris holds unannounced city council meetings, which is a clear violation of state law.

Many people say they've had enough with the mess in Meigs and now they're taking action.  Several residents called the attorney general's office to complain about the acts of Mayor Linda Harris. She's accused of holding unannounced meetings, stealing money from the city, and double taxing workers from their checks.

"Shes refusing to pay back the money that they deducted from their payroll check, when they issued out the written check which was mandated by the department of labor and some employees who didn't pay any taxes now owes the state based on the city's actions," said Chief Gary Price.

But some people think tonight's visit from Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Colangelo may be a little too late.

Chief Price added, "I don't think anything will come out of this visit because the council has to be willing to change and take responsibilities for their errors in order to make the corrections."

Lori White started a recall petition against Mayor Harris.  She says she collected 145 signatures.  She's waiting for the county election superintendent to verify them.  If at least 116 signatures are confirmed as registered voters in Meigs, there will be a recall election in May.  

"Its a reconsideration of her position here, it gives everybody plenty of time to think it gives her plenty of time to adjust to the office I think its the fair way to go about it," said Lori White, Meigs resident.

While residents in Meigs and city workers tell us they don't believe tonight's meeting will solve all the city's problems, they hope it's a step in the right direction.

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