Annual Saint Patrick's Day Briefing

The countdown is on to Saint Patrick's Day. Savannah city leaders and police are getting ready and they want to get residents ready, too. At their annual Saint Patrick's Day briefing today at the Savannah Civic Center, the goal was to make sure everyone who owns or operates a business near the festival area understands the rules and regulations.

"Although they haven't changed in recent history, we always like to specifically let people know when the streets are closing, when the gates are going up for delivery purposes and for planning for employees," said Capt. Geri Long with SCMPD.

The festival runs from Thursday through Saturday. If you can't make it to the parade, you can watch all the action on WTOC. Our live coverage begins at 8am Thursday with mass from the cathedral, pre-parade at 9am, and the 181st annual parade live at 10am.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,