Thief stealing from Statesboro food bank

Thief stealing from Statesboro food bank

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Plenty of people need help during the holidays, even for the basics of food.

But someone is stealing from a charity that helps feed hundreds of families in Bulloch County.

The food bank may not look like Whooville, but somebody's pretending to be The Grinch, stealing food from the people who give it away to the needy.

Joe Bill Brannon looks for ways to help even more people through the non-profit food bank he runs out of an old school building. A few weeks ago, he and other volunteers discovered someone was leaving the bathroom window open to break in and take food after hours. A lot of it.

So, they started double checking every window and door before they leave each day. But last week, the thieves got braver.

"Evidently, they got even bolder. Because, with the doors locked and windows locked, they started breaking windows to get in," said Brannon, The Food Bank Inc.

Crooks hit twice in the past week, even taking some carts to make the getaway. Brannon wonders if it could have been one of the volunteers who worked to fulfil their community service hours. He could understand if someone's taking it to feed their needy family. But he suspects the crooks take the food to turn around and sell it.

"If a person here in Bulloch County needs food, they can get it here without stealing," said Brannon.

He's offering a reward for information on who's taking the food and hopes it helps them catch the crook - or at least scare them away from stealing again.

Mr. Brannon wanted to stress he's put up the reward out of his own pocket. He wants donors to know everything they give to the Food Bank goes toward keeping this place open and getting food into the hands of those who need it.

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