New Hampstead High School: Threats unfounded

New Hampstead High School: Threats unfounded

BLOOMINGDALE, GA (WTOC) - Rumors continue on social media about threats to New Hampstead High in Bloomingdale.

Chatham County Sheriff's deputies were called out Thursday to investigate and determined the threats were unfounded.

However, there are still many concerned parents out there asking why weren't they notified and is enough being done to protect their kids.

In response to what is being done to protect the students, campus police said they decided to put the school on a "soft lockdown" so they could investigate.

They say they found no credible threat; however, in an abundance of caution you can expect to see more campus police and deputies at the school Friday as a precautionary measure.

"I haven't heard of any threats tomorrow other than what we've been hearing the last couple of days and we've been vetting those threats and investigating them and as so far, none of them are basically true," said Lt. Robby Fort, Chatham County Campus Police Department.

As far as communication with parents, here's what the school says you can expect.

"If school was going to be closed and if you should keep your students home obviously that would've been communicated to parents but we never want children to stay home from school when they should be getting educated and in this case campus police has investigated the threats," said Sheila Blanco, spokeswoman, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

The school will continue on their normal operating schedule Friday.

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