Air Evac moves to new location in Statesboro

Air Evac moves to new location in Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - If you're in Statesboro, you've probably seen and heard the trauma chopper from Air Evac in the skies over the past few years.

Now they have a different home in Statesboro, as of Friday. Sometimes, moving cross-town can be as tricky as moving cross-country. That's especially true when you've still got to be ready to make a life-saving flight at a moment's notice.

Air Evac's move officially started when the chopper touched down on the pad for the first time outside its new hangar. Inside the office, work continued to get everything else going. But phones, radios and internet have them ready to handle emergency calls and fly trauma patients to Savannah or wherever they need treatment.

Moving from the airport on the north side of town to Highway 67 South may not sound big. But every minute counts when they're getting to patients and getting them to care.

"This gets us closer to East Georgia so we can help them serve their patients, it gets us closer to the interstate. We're more accessible for EMS, they can bring patients straight here if they need to go to the trauma center," said Program Director Karen Grabenstein.

Air Evac relies on nationwide memberships and insurance reimbursements and marked five years in Statesboro this fall. The new office allows potential members better access to stop and see what they're about.

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