Redmond Testifies She Didn't Know Shorter Was Hit

Redmond on the stand yesterday.
Redmond on the stand yesterday.

The Miss Savannah murder trial is in its second week. Nikki Redmond started the day yesterday on the stand answering questions about what happened December 16, 2003.

Redmond started the week by testifying to what happened the night police say she shot her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter. It's a night Redmond plays over and over in her mind every day, the night she visited Rachel Hall and was confronted by Shorter.

"She and I were talking, saw headlights," Redmond testified. "She said, 'Don't move, that's Kevin.'"

Redmond said that Shorter got out of the car, threatening to kill her. "He was very upset. Never seen him that mad."

She also testified that Hall tried to calm him down. But Shorter only got angrier, then headed for his car and started to pull out what she thought was a gun. Asked what she did next, she replied, "Fired the gun, away from Kevin."

Redmond said she didn't even know the bullet hit Shorter until the police arrested her.

When the prosecution cross-examined her, they said she changed her story during police interrogation.

The day ended with the prosecution calling rebuttal witnesses to the stand.

More witnesses will take the stand today, then both sides will begin giving their closing arguments. The jury may get the case by this evening.

We'll be in court today and bring you the very latest as it unfolds.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,