Man shot, houses and cars hit by bullets Monday night in Garden City

Man shot, houses and cars hit by bullets Monday night in Garden City

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - As Savannah grapples to get gun violence under control, surrounding communities are also finding that they are needing to step up efforts to keep the epidemic from spreading.

Garden City Police officers had their hands full Monday night following several shots fired incidents, sending one man to the hospital and damaging homes and vehicles around town.

We spoke to the police chief on Tuesday to see what - if any - leads they have that might link all of the acts of violence.

Right now, it's still too early to report if the three incidents of gunfire are linked, but because of the proximity of all the shootings both in time and location, investigators have their suspicions.

Two brothers sitting in a silver Mustang at Highway 80 and 3rd Street told Garden City Police someone shot at them while driving near the intersection. The passenger's hand was hit by one of the bullets.

"Last I heard, he was going into surgery, may lose his hand. Not sure, just speculation."

Chief David Lyons' officers would respond to two other incidents of shots being fired, just blocks away over the next few hours before all was said and done. It's the kind of violent eruption Garden City Police have been preparing for, as violence has escalated in neighboring jurisdictions.

"We've actually been expecting this. We have plans to counter this, we're just going to have to step up our plan a little earlier now, because it has poured over into Garden City."

A shot was fired into the home just down Oak Street from where Julius Smith lives. He told us his niece was inside at the time.

"You need to quit doing it. You need to quit shooting into people's houses for no reason at all. It just makes no sense. It really doesn't."

"It's dangerous. It's a threat to everyone. And whether you're the target or not the target, you're subject to being hurt or killed. And we want to put a stop to that as quickly as we possibly can, and that's my intention," said Garden City Police Chief David Lyons.

Smith says his niece is okay, but now he's worried for the rest of his family's safety.

"I've got a house full of kids, and the shootings are close to my house, and I'm afraid it might be in my house next, since it's so close to my house. It worries me pretty bad."

Chief Lyons echoes that fear of 'what if,' and is calling for residents to come forward if they have any information about what happened in any of the incidents.

"I mean, they're shooting at a car and bullets are going into people's houses over there, and going through bedroom windows. You know, a grandmother rocking her grandchild in the bedroom gets shot, for no purpose at all. They're not involved in this at all. That…that's what makes this extremely dangerous."

Chief Lyons says a variety of shell casings were found where shots were fired into a home near 1st Street and at 3rd Street, as well as at an intersection. Shell casings were also found inside a black truck that fled from police, later found abandoned in Savannah.

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