Firefighters replace child's Christmas gift

Firefighters replace child's Christmas gift

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A group of Savannah firefighters brightened a little girl's Christmas on Wednesday.

Firefighters had to destroy a 6-year old's bicycle Sunday in order to free her from entanglement in it. Wednesday, they gave her a new bike.

Crews were sent to the 700 block of West 40th St. at about 1:15 p.m. Sunday when the 6-year-old girl's foot became stuck between the pedal and frame of her bicycle. They had to cut the frame of the bike in order to free the child's foot.

During the incident, the firefighters learned that the bicycle was a Christmas gift from the child's grandparents. In the Christmas spirit, Master Firefighter Todd Horne spearheaded the effort to replace the child's bicycle. Horne says firefighters had to actually cut through a section of the bike's frame using the Jaws of Life, rendering it unsafe to ride.

The firefighters, who are assigned to Rescue 1 and Truck 5 "A", made a special trip to check on her condition and deliver the new bike. The child did not suffer any extensive injuries from the incident.

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