Grocery stores busy with last minute holiday food shopping

Grocery stores busy with last minute holiday food shopping

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You can't have a holiday feast, without the fixings.

And that's what many are heading to the store Thursday to grab groceries before it's too late. Many grocery stores are open Thursday, with limited hours, and closed Friday.

The owner's son said the Red and White Jones Food Market actually does about twice the business of a normal shopping day, the day before Christmas. The store, tucked into the Habersham Village shopping center, has been constantly busy all day.

Closing at 7 p.m., many tried to beat the rush by getting here early. As the countdown gets closer to just a couple hours left, items for those Christmas recipes, like sugar, flour, greens, meat and potatoes are flying off the shelves and a few of the checkout clerks are baking items, produce like collard greens, sweet potatoes and meats.

In the back of the store are BBQ specialists, who's cooking wafts mouth-watering smells throughout the market. They stay pretty busy as well.

"We had a lot of people call in yesterday for last-minute hams. The only catch with that, with the turkeys, you got to call a couple of days ahead so we can thought out for you. But, as long as you get it into us will get it out to you. Where a Savannah's-own, hidden little gem right here," said Demetrius Brown, Sr., preparing BBQ.

WTOC caught up with one shopper who shared what dish she was taking to family Friday, and a cashier, who described what it takes to get through such a busy day.

"Potatoes, I got the mayonnaise in the eggs, and I've got some liver, beef liver. I'm also going to make some crab salad," said Ruby Brown, holiday grocery shopper.

"It makes the day go by faster, if everybody is in the right frame of mind. It's hectic in here, but you see that," said Mary Ann Stapleton, cashier.

Most grocery stores in our area close between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., and have their holiday hours posted outside the store.

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