Warm weather affecting specialty clothing store sales

Warm weather affecting specialty clothing store sales

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Even though Thursday is Christmas Eve, it's not beginning to feel like Christmas because of warm temperatures are keeping us in the summer mindset.

It was still around 80° at 4 p.m., so warm in fact that many are deciding to trade in their jacket and long sleeves for something cooler.

Tropical Outfitters is a retail store specializing in just that, outfits for tropical weather. And even though it is December, those high temperatures and lots of sunshine are helping boost sales.

The manager told WTOC their peak season is between June and August, when the island sees most of its tourist. He added the sales are keeping the business steady but he's selling items he usually can't get rid of during this time of year.

"The shift is away from the things we usually sell like sweatshirts and jackets, but I've been selling ladies swimwear, men's swimwear. I've been selling flip flops, but it's all holiday season so people come in and buy gifts for families and things like that so basically we're having a good December," said Ken Priegel, Tropical Outfitters owner.

But he's concerned that warm weathers nationally may have an impact on tourism and ultimately his sales.

"It's hard to say because it's not only warm here but it's warm up north, so a lot of times people come down here to get away from that but if it's warm up there, I don't know. I'm doing well I don't know about anybody else but if it's warm up there that probably means fewer tourists here," said Priegel.

The owner added how this trend in shopping could help save him money because he won't have to restock his winter apparel as quickly or as often.

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