Beloved Salvation Army kettle worker beats the odds

Beloved Salvation Army kettle worker beats the odds

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Whether or not you are someone who tosses a few dollars into the famous red kettle or not, the Salvation Army's holiday fundraiser is critical when it comes to funding the services they provide to those in need.

Miss Christine is a dedicated kettle worker, who has been on both sides of that red kettle, and has been ringing that familiar bell for the last 6 years. And unlike most who help to collect for charity, this lady has really built a following.

Every year the Salvation Army recruit kettle workers to raise money for the local community. If you ever visited the Kroger on Wilmington Island during the holidays, you might remember Miss Christine.

This sweet lady spends the day ringing the bell to help meet their goal of $250,000. Major Swyers says this job is very important for her, because she once spent time at the Salvation Army.

"About six years ago the Salvation Army helped her with housing and provided her a place to stay and she was going through a very difficult time in her life and she's a success story," said Swyers, Salvation Army.

She is a recovering addict who suffered a stroke in 2004 and her right side was affected from her arm, to her mouth, and her kidneys. She went through therapy and for a while rang the bell from a wheelchair. She says nothing can stop her from spreading the holiday cheer.

She says the people she has met as a kettle worker have turned into lifelong friends and she is well loved.

"And it took me, like I said, a long time to gain their trust because I wasn't looking at them for money signs or nothing like that. I wanted to get to know them inside out," said Christine Latson, Salvation Army kettle worker.

Christine has truly gained lifelong friends after one customer created a Facebook page for the kettle worker. That page now has 250 people who have liked the page.

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