'Feed the Hungry' hosts Christmas breakfast in Garden City

Feed the hungry hosts Christmas breakfast in Garden City.

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - After dropping off toys in 12 cities in the state of Georgia, Feed the Hungry offered a place for everyone to come who didn't have a cheerful place to celebrate Christmas.

You could feel the spirit of Christmas in the Family Life Center in Garden City on Friday, it is where those in need come to be loved and learn that it is better to give than to receive.

"I called yesterday to see if I could get some assistance to see if I could find a toy for my grandson," said Lynette Williams, attendee.

"Thanks to Feed the Hungry, they really helped me in more ways than one, spiritually and with toys," said Jason Jones, attendee.

Worshiping together and sharing a meal means so much to these folks. Their Christmas would have been much different without this chance to rejoice with others.

"Me and my family, we stay in a hotel and I was trying to search for a blessing on Christmas," said Jones.

Carl Gilliard, CEO of Feed the Hungry, has gone without before, that is what lead him to give back.

"I remember being in a hotel seven years ago during the month of November and having nothing but a few pieces of bread," said CEO of Feed the Hungry, Carl Gilliard.

But these children and their families have much more. Most importantly they have positive memories of a very merry Christmas.

"It was great, it makes me very happy to be with them," said Maggie Girardeau, attendee.

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