Felton Burke Auto changes lives with three car donations

Felton Burke Auto changes lives with three car donations.

JESUP, GA (WTOC) - Three cars are now in the hands of three deserving people after one Jesup dealership created a contest to give back to those who've been selfless all year long.

Felton Burke Automotive has done more than change the lives of three people. The community will reap the benefits of their love for years to come.

"I wanted to do something special this Christmas to celebrate Jesus's birthday," said Chad Burke, Felton Burke Automotive owner.

Burke felt it in his heart to do something good, he said he was also told to. The original plan was to provide one person with a car, but that changed.

"As we were praying about it, the Holy Spirit told me, you know what, give two more cars away," said Burke.

And that he did, three cars, three people picked by a selection committee who sifted through almost 100 applicants to find those who are a light in the darkness, who push for positivity over everything else.

"My mom has sacrificed, there is not enough time to tell you all that she has done," said Rachel Calicut, daughter of winner.

Rachel nominated her mom Debbie to receive a truck, she runs Safe Hallow Animal Shelter in Long County, and she was having a hard time keeping up.

"I wouldn't be able to make a payment on a truck. I work full time, me and my daughter work full time at the shelter," said Debbie.

But things have changed, a Christmas miracle

"People that care about me spoke up, on my behalf. And I know I don't deserve it, I praise God for what he did," said Debbie.

But she did deserve it, and she will be rescuing animals and re-homing them for as long as she can. Burke wishes he could give more.

"It did come down to the three that we thought needed it the most, and what Jesus said do and that's what we did," said Burke.

Felton Burke Automotive challenge you to give back to your community this Christmas, and in the future during 2016.

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