Asked and Answered: Is the I-16 road construction complete?


It came in like a lion, and left like a lamb.

We're not talking about the month of May, nope, we have viewers with questions about the I-16 road improvement project.

Is it all finished? Or is there more work to do?

It was many, many months ago the construction project to repave and improve the highway began causing a lot of headaches for people. 

WTOC viewer Pete Chaison wants to know: “Is the I-16 project completed? The road noise and decibel level in the area of high taxed based residences just east and west of 95 is worse than before. I-16 in Metter or other areas is much quieter in rural areas. An inquiry regarding the final top surface would be much appreciated.  Thank you.”

We asked the Georgia Department of Transportation. They said the I-16 concrete rehabilitation project has been completed. The intent of the project was to provide a smoother and safer surface for the traveling public. G-DOT did a smoothness test before and after the I-16 concrete rehab project. The results from these test have determined that I-16 is smother than it was prior to construction. As a noise study was not required, we do not have data to address Mr. Chaison's concerns. 

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