Weather causing after holiday travel delays

Weather causing after holiday travel delays.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Storms and bad weather across the nation causing problems for some Savannah residents trying to return home.

From cancelled flights to major delays, holiday travel turned into a major headache for some travelers. One guy said he has to miss work Tuesday because of a delayed flight, and another has been in the same clothes for three days and is just happy to finally be home.

Most people WTOC talked to said they didn't have any delays, but there was one flight where passengers seemed upset and in a rush to get home. They were coming from different places but all met on a connecting flight from Charlotte.

One lady said she was coming from Chicago and barely missed an ice storm. One guy's flight was completely cancelled so he says he will try again Tuesday to get a new flight. Another lady saying she's been waiting three days after leaving Las Vegas, but after hearing multiple people died in the storms she says she tried to be understanding.

"It took about 25 minutes to get to the American terminal curbside," said Marygould Moorehead, experienced delayed flight. "We were pretty much left on our own to find accommodations and to be delayed from Saturday night up until Monday. You can't get a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Savannah. I think some reflection can be done."

"The say I can get to Charlotte, but I can't get to Des Moines, my final destination," said Clinton Dailey, flight to Des Moines cancelled.

Another issue these travelers are experiencing has to do with their bags. One of those passenger said her bags arrived in Savannah when she was supposed to arrive on Saturday, and now she has to try and find them.

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