Officials release name of man killed in Beaufort Christmas Eve shooting

Officials release name of man killed in Beaufort Christmas Eve shooting

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Officials have released the identity of a man killed in Beaufort last week.

Henry Frazier, 38, was shot and killed around the corner from his mother's home on Christmas Eve. Frazier had only been in Beaufort for a few days before his death.

His wife said he was recently released from jail and was currently living at a half-way house in Charleston and he only came to Beaufort to visit his family for Christmas, a reunion that never happened.

"He was sentenced to some time in Charleston at a drug and alcohol facility," said Melanie Frazier. "He was sentenced to go there for six months. So what he did was told the administrator that he really wanted to see his daughter he hadn't seen in nine months and his other two children so he wanted to come home to see them."

But going the extra mile wasn't unusual for the man his wife describes as a wonderful husband and father.

"He definitely loved his children," Melanie Frazier said. "To his other children he was their hero and in their eyes he can do no wrong. He was the type that if you were his friend, he wasn't going to let anyone bother you. He didn't like to see people cry."

"The biggest thing is that his mom, he really wanted to see his mom. So he was home for just like four days."

His visit was cut short when he was shot and killed on Greene Street just hours before Christmas, causing the family to make funeral arrangements instead of celebrating the holiday.

Melanie Frazier is begging whoever did this to turn themselves in.

"I feel like what you did was senseless, and it really made no sense," she said. "Henry had a family, Henry had a wife that loves him, he has children that loves him and now you've left a big hole in our heart, and at the end of the day for what? What is it all for? I don't think anybody wants to live in fear like this, especially for me and my family, because we don't know who did this. We could go into a store and actually be looking in the person's face and not even know who did it, so it's kind of a terrible feeling to have."

Beaufort Police do not have any updates at this time. They are still following leads and interviewing witnesses. Melanie Frazier was called to the station to turn her cell phone in, which has a voicemail Henry Frazier left just minutes before he was killed.

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