Jury Deliberating in Miss Savannah Trial

Judge Michael Karpf instructs the jury.
Judge Michael Karpf instructs the jury.

Update: Around 3:45pm this afternoon, the jury in the trial of former Miss Savannah Nikki Redmond has come back with verdicts of not guilty on all charges. WTOC has crews on the scene and will have full details starting tonight on THE News at 5.

The Miss Savannah murder trial jury got the case yesterday afternoon but couldn't reach a decision. The jury gave it a lot of thought, but around 8:30pm decided it wouldn't be able to reach a decision last night.

At 4pm, the jury started mulling over Nikki Redmond's fate for the first time as a group. Several hours later, they decided they were close enough to coming to a verdict that that they might not have to break for the night.

"Is it fair to assume that the consensus is that we push on a while longer into the evening?" Judge Michael Karpf asked. "I see heads nodding, so I'll take that as a consensus."

But after 5 1/2 hours, the jury came back and said it needed at least one more day. Judge Karpf told jurors, "Please remember the instructions: they apply tonight if not more than any other time. You cannot go home and discuss this case with whoever's there and bring those people into the deliberation, you simply cannot do it."

Before the jury got the case, the prosecution and Redmond's lawyer each gave one last impassioned argument for their side.

"Why isn't she the victim?" asked defender Michael Schiavone. "I mean, do women who are abused, do they not have the right to defend themselves?"

"Well, if you point the gun at somebody and you fire it and it's loaded, hello! Why should she be surprised that he got hit?" asked prosecutor Anne Elmore.

Of course we'll have the courthouse covered today as well and we'll let you know as soon as the jury reaches a verdict.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com