Warmer temperatures mean energy bill savings

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - By now it's no surprise that the weather is a lot warmer than usual for this time of year.

Not only does that mean you're not bundling up, it also means savings on your energy bill.

"Your power bill is linked to your usage," said Kim Asbill, South Carolina Electric and Gas.

Asbill says that's why some of us are seeing lower power bills this month. Normally at this time some would have their heat blasting to combat the cold weather, but with the temperature swings lately, some are simply opening their windows or using small fans to keep them cool.

"Folks are not using their air conditioning or their heat at this point, it could be a reason you're power bill is lower this month," said Asbill.

Georgia Power sent a statement saying customers will actually see a cheaper bill next year "due to proactive planning and a commitment to a diverse fuel mix, Georgia Power is able to take advantage of lower natural gas prices and pass those savings along to customers."

Also, South Carolina Electric and Gas said its not affected by the warmer weather. But they still want to make sure their customers are reducing waste and being energy efficient.

"Different weather brings different challenges and were prepared to meet the energy needs of our customers at all time," said John O'Brien, Georgia Power.

O'Brien has several tips like insulating doors, windows, and attics to save money on power bills. And if you're cooking for New Years, he has another interesting trick.

"You may want to cook New Year's dinner like you would if it was cold, but since its warm and you may be using your A/C, you may want to cover your pots and pans," said O'Brien.

While it's warm now, South Carolina Energy and Gas adds they're also preparing for the cold weather that will be coming soon.

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