Asked And Answered: When will the street lamps be fixed at Whitefield and Truman?

Asked & Answered: When will the street lamps be fixed at Whitefield and Truman?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The lights are out along the Truman Parkway at Whitefield Avenue, and viewers want to know when they will be fixed.

It's been a few years since the Truman Parkway was completely finished. Along the way, dozens of street lights were put up entering and exiting Whitfield Avenue onto Truman Parkway, and lights under the overpass providing light for travelers on Whitfield Avenue.  But, we have a problem.

Frances Pelli writes, "Hey Don! For the last year, all these lights went out. Nothing has been done about repairing them. I was wondering why DOT put up all these expensive light poles if they aren't planning on using them. It seems like a huge waste of taxpayer money to me. Thanks for checking into it."

It turns out, after some investigation, it is not a DOT issue. Once the construction contract was completed, the Truman Pkwy was signed over to Chatham County. Maintenance and upkeep of the Truman Pkwy is up to the county.

So, Chatham County said the streetlights in question are being looked at by a contractor at this time.  The lights were operational at one time but quit working after the contractor was relieved for maintenance.  Just bad timing.  Hopefully the county's contractor can solve the problem in the next few weeks.

The county adds, it did take some time to determine liability with the transition to the County from G-DOT.

All lights will be operational.

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