Chatham County Commission wants reprimanding power

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - As state lawmakers prepare for a new year and legislative session, Chatham County Commissioners have already filed their "wish list" of changes they want to see at the state level.

One of those items includes amending the county charter. Believe it or not, commission does not have the ability to reprimand a board member if they are acting inappropriately.

Chairman Al Scott is requesting the Georgia General Assembly to allow the Chatham County Commission the ability to censure board members. This does not mean a board member would be kicked out of office - but it's a formal way of writing them up - showing disapproval of their actions.

This power is on the county's list of top priorities and requests that they're making to state lawmakers for 2016. WTOC spoke to Senator Lester Jackson who says he wasn't too shocked because there have been a number of issues among board members.

"On more than one occasion, there have been instances where the county has wanted to use this action. They wanted to use this action but they found out that the current law does not permit them to do it," said Sen. Jackson.

Not only is the county looking to amend county charter, funding for indigent defense, changes to the marsh buffer law and they want to reverse the law that requires seized weapons to go back on the streets.

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