Former officers file lawsuit against high-ranking officials, estate of businessman

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A former Tybee Island Police officer and a former Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officer are making some serious accusations against four top Chatham County law enforcement officers, a police employee and the estate of a well-known businessmen.

In April of 2011, former Tybee officer Stacy Talbert arrested businessman Jay Kaminsky and charged him with DUI. According to the lawsuit, Talbert didn't know that then Metro Police Chief Willie Lovett was protecting him. In exchange, the suit alleges that Kaminsky provided his home to Lovett as a private place where he met with co-conspirators and had extramarital affairs.

The lawsuit claims Kaminsky, Lovett and Tybee Police Chief Robert Bryson met shortly after the arrest and agreed to make the DUI charge disappear .According to the lawsuit, Officer Talbert was fired unlawfully less than a month later, just a few months after getting a very positive employee performance evaluation. The lawsuit claims Bryson fired her to prevent her from testifying about Kaminsky being under the influence of multiple drugs.

The lawsuit also lays out charges against SCMPD. September 10, 2011, Metro Officer Amber Davis assisted in the arrest of Miles Adams after he ran a stop sign at Burroughs Street and Victory Drive in Savannah, hit a vehicle, causing a wreck with injuries. Two blood breath tests on Adams showed his blood alcohol levels at .196 and .210.

The lawsuit claims at the scene, Adams told Officer Davis quote, "If you help me, I will help you out." He also said quote, "he signs her check, she better help him."

Davis refused to get Adams out of the arrest, and according to the lawsuit, Adams threatened to retaliate against the officer. According to the suit, with the cooperation of former Chief Lovett and Assistant Chief Tolbert, Miles Adams successfully had Officer Davis' rank reduced for refusing to help Adams evade arrest. She was barred from attending training, applying to become a detective and applying to be re-promoted to her former rank of Advanced Police Officer. She was also barred from serving on specialized police units.

December 19, 2012, Metro Police Precinct Captain DeVonn Adams, Miles Adams' cousin, called in Officer Davis.  He asked Davis to give an employee statement about what happened during the arrest and the retaliation allegations. The suit claims DeVonn Adams conspired with Miles Adams and others against Davis.

January 20, 2012, Miles Adams pled guilty to failure to exercise due care. According to the lawsuit, no record of the DUI charge against him or of the dismissal of that charge can be found on the Chatham Co. Recorder's Court website.

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