Pinkie Master's final weekend at original location

Pinkie Master's final weekend at original location

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - After more than 60 years, a landmark bar in Savannah is set to close its doors.

Pinkie Master's Lounge has been a mainstay on the corner of Drayton and Harris Streets since the 1950s, but that's about to change this weekend.

Signs posted on the windows here say Saturday will be their last day in business, but that they are moving to a new location. There's been a lot of speculation about the future of Pinkie Master's, but the bar's owner said they plan to keep the tradition going at their new home.

"Yes, we're still going to have the ambiance, we're still going to have the pictures, we're still going to have the tree. It's all going to be the same," said Guy Kirk, owner of Pinkie Master's.

For decades, people have been coming to this dive bar in downtown Savannah, from its regulars to tourists looking to snap a photo. Among its most famous visitors, Jimmy Carter, who legend has it stood on the bar and announced his candidacy for president in the 1970s.

"It's a landmark. It's part of our history here in Savannah," said Mark Magliaro, regular customer for 20 years.

Magliaro is one of many regulars who have been sitting at these bar stools for decades and he's afraid the new location just won't be the same.

"Because you can take the pictures with you, but the history is right here," said Magliaro.

The owner said they will re-open on February 4th at their new location near Jefferson and Bay Streets, about a mile away from the place they've called home since the 1950s.

"If it ends up somewhere else, it will be different. It won't be the same," said Don Fallin, regular customer for 50 years.

Fallin has been coming here for more than 50 years. His picture is among those on the bar's "Wall of Veterans", a tribute to the regulars who have served in the military. He wasn't sure if the bar would be open when he left the house Friday night, but he still has one more day.

When asked if he would be at Pinkie Master's on Saturday, Fallin replied, "Possibly, if I'm living, I'll be here."

The bar's owner hopes that, despite the move, people will keep sitting at his bar stools for years to come.

"I believe that we will be there for 100 years. That is where the original Savannah started and there could be no better place than where the original Savannah started to put Pinkie Master's - the oldest, continuing bar in Savannah," said Kirk.

Kirk said the change stems from ongoing disputes with the owner of the building, especially after a stabbing that took place at Pinkie's back in August. But he's hoping to put all of that behind him now as they move forward at their new location.

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