Businesses frustrated by New Year's Eve celebration cancellation

Businesses frustrated by New Year's Eve celebration cancellation

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - 2016 is here, but some folks in Savannah were disappointed when it came time to ring in the New Year.

The cancellation of the "Up the Cup" event as well as the fireworks left a number of locals and tourists frustrated last night. Shops and restaurants along River Street depend on the business that the festivities bring, and several of them reported a slower evening than the usual New Year's Eve, especially in the later hours.

The staff at the Olympia Cafe told WTOC nearly every customer they had that night came in disappointed at the cancellation.

"The thing about it is that I felt like we were having to inform people in our establishment that the fireworks celebration was cancelled, and then we look like the bad guys at that point. Like, 'oh I'm sorry, were you waiting for the fireworks in an hour? Because they're not happening," said Nadia Kradenych, manager of Olympia Café.

She said it seemed like the cancellation was not announced effectively enough. Organizers called off the events Thursday due to bad weather.

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