Saint Pat's Rain Not a Problem for Businesses

Early revelers.
Early revelers.

The weather is certainly on the minds of many people, from parade-goers to the parade committee to downtown Savannah businesses. So if it rains, will all the festivities still go on as planned? The luck of the Irish is a strong belief on River Street and beyond, and no one is making any changes.

"It always comes through," said David Whidden, manager at the Warehouse bar. "We're going to have a great party regardless, cause people who come to Savannah are hardcore partiers."

In fact, some have already started. "We have a group that found us at nine o'clock yesterday, stayed for 12 hours and got back here today at 9:15 this morning," Whidden said.

And it's groups like that which put businesses in a whirlwind of ordering food and beer, and they aren't worried about anything going to waste because of the weather.

"We have probably 160 18-packs, but this is just the first order," said Jennifer Quick with EJ Scandals store. "We have a delivery coming Friday, too."

And all this beer will be sold out of a store which is normally a ladies boutique.

Regular restaurants agree. They're not holding back on any plans just because of the rain. They know it will clear up after tomorrow morning. "It's going to be a little chilly, but from my experience, from what I have seen during my years here, it's going to move out and Friday and Saturday," said Steve Jones, who owns Dockside. "For the festivities on River Street, it's going to be huge."

Stages are set up as normal, food stands are going to start cooking, and the highlight of the weekend, the parade, will of course go as planned.

"We will be ready for the parade, the luck of the Irish will be there tomorrow," parade committee chairman Dave Roberts said.

The shows will all go on as scheduled. The setup crews tell us they have only had to cancel one show in the last five years due to weather.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,