Grand Marshal Visits Predecessor at Nursing Home

We all see the party and the parade and the big Saint Patrick's Day events. But there are a lot of little things that make the Irish holiday special.

Today, parade grand marshal Dan Sheehan paid a visit to Azalealand nursing home. Saint Vincent's Chorus serenaded the grand marshal and his staff.

This visit had some special meaning, since last year's grand marshal, Father Joseph Ware, lives at Azalealand. They presented him with a special photo album filled with memories of last year's parade and events.

This year's grand marshal says Father Ware taught him a lot growing up. "He said to me, 'Because you are an American of Irish descent doesn't mean you are going to heaven,' and he just shocked me, so I really had to start behaving at an early age."

Father Ware's family, friends and neighbors at Azalealand joined him for the celebration.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,