Cold weather effects on business on Hilton Head Island

Cold weather effects on business on Hilton Head Island

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - With our first blast of real cold, below freezing weather approaching this winter, people are trying to keep warm.

Two weeks ago WTOC visited a beach shop that was doing pretty well with selling the rest of its summer inventory like swimsuits, boogie boards and flip flops because people could still make their way to the beach at that point. Like most business on the island, the peak season for sales is during the summer, when temperatures are extremely warm and the kids are out of school.

Because Hilton Head is a tourist destination, a lot of stores attribute their sales during the warmer weather two weeks ago to tourism and not the weather. And here at Hilton Head Outfitters the manager agrees, he says regardless of the weather this time of year, it is hit or miss depending on tourism traffic.

"Generally, this time of year we don't see a whole lot of tourists. We do get a lot of people who come in for one to three months, January through March and those have started to show up so we're seeing average amount of the long term renters. The weather right now it's been cold but the afternoons have been nice so we're still seeing a lot of people around," said Alann Dew, manager of Hilton Head Outfitters.

The manager added that in order for sales to drop drastically, the weather has to freezing, so temperatures in the 30s and below, or wet because most people won't go bike riding or kayaking in the rain.

But he did add that most of the sales are bike rentals and, as long as the sun is shining, those sales will stay steady.

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