Inauguration for Hinesville Mayor

Inauguration for Hinesville Mayor

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - If you described Hinesville's new mayor and council with one word, that word could be historic.

Allen Brown took the same oath of office he took 24 years ago when he first served as Hinesville's mayor. He served two terms, two mayors ago.

He says city government needs to adjust with Hinesville's population boom and adapt to its diversity. Monday, Mayor Brown told the audience he hopes to get more people involved in what the city does by drawing from different populations, including long-time residents and those who live there short term while serving at Fort Stewart.

"We've got a lot of different kinds of people here in our community now and we're got to recognize them and bring them in as part of our community," said Mayor Brown. "It doesn't feel like it's been 24 years ago. But the city has changed in many ways and we've got a challenge ahead of us."

Newcomers Diana Reid and Vicky Nelson joined incumbent council members Jason Floyd, Keith Jenkins and Kenneth Shaw. The women are the first black females to hold city office.

"I vowed that if people gave me their council seat, I would be their voice," said Vicky Nelson, District 3.

"I'm concerned for a lot of the elderly. They need me. I want them to know that now that in District 1, I'm here for them," said Diana Reid, District 1.

Brown said he and council would work on convincing the voters to pass a SPLOST that would help lower property taxes. He stressed connecting with the public.

"I've been in business all my life and it comes down to just treating people right and making them part of the community," said Brown.

The city gets down to business for 2016 at their first meeting on Thursday.

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