Donated blankets keeping seniors warm

Donated blankets keeping seniors warm

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Monday night's lower temperatures outside mean near freezing condition inside the homes of hundreds of older adults across our area.

Too many seniors will choose between food or medication and heat on this, the coldest night of the season. A lot of the elderly folks Senior Citizens Incorporated of Savannah work with have limited resources and some don't have family to rely on.

So at SCI, delivering blankets to those that need it may not seem like much, but it can go a long way.

"You don't really think about how much a blanket does help you retain your heat, but it's also a very tangible way to show that the community cares. That you're in essence wrapping someone in the warmth of a great community," said Senior Citizens Inc. Executive Director Patti Lyons.

There are hundreds in need of that warmth in our community, and that's who Senior Citizens Incorporated delivers blankets to this time of year. But these deliveries go beyond just a blanket, they're opportunities to connect with older adults who may have greater needs.

"We look at everybody from a wholistic standpoint. Yes, we're going to start with a blanket, but could they use meals? Do they need somebody to perhaps run errands for them? Do they need some home repairs? You know, what's happening in their life? And the blanket is just the first way to do it," said Lyons.

And you can help, too. SCI's annual blanket drive begins next week. Starting next Monday, when you donate a new blanket at Starbucks, you'll get a free large drink of your choice. But if you know someone in need of some extra warmth right now, they don't have to wait. Georgia Natural Gas has already made a large donation of blankets to kick things off.

"So that we're starting off the year, and we're able to give them away starting right away. So if anybody needs one now - even before Monday - just give us a call or stop by and we can help them out," said Lyons.

Last year's drive brought in almost 500 blankets, and they're hoping for an ever greater turnout this year.

Here are the participating Starbuck locations:

  • Starbucks at Twelve Oaks, 5500 Abercorn St., #45
  • Starbucks at Victory Drive (Skidaway Rd.), 2106 E. Victory Dr.
  • Starbucks at Broughton, 1 E. Broughton St.
  • Starbucks at Montgomery Cross Road, 49 W. Montgomery Cross Rd, Suite 1
  • Starbucks at Oglethorpe Mall, 7804 Abercorn St.
  • Starbucks at Pooler, 405 Pooler Pkwy, Suite 100

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