Defense, Prosecution on Not Guilty Verdict

After deliberating for two days, the jury found Nikki Redmond not guilty of the murder of her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter. Fifteen months to the day after Shorter was shot, attorneys from both sides spoke out about the verdict.

Redmond wept as the verdict was read and breathed a prayer of thanks. As her mother wiped away tears, she hugged her attorneys and left the courtroom a free woman.

Michael Schiavone, Redmond's attorney, said, "It's like the weight of the world is off her shoulders."

Schiavone says she knew how serious the charges were against her. "You're one step from walking in the lockup for the rest of your life versus walking out the back door with me."

Redmond escaped life in prison when the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she intended to kill Shorter in December 2003.

"Any time a case goes before the jury, you never do know what the outcome will be, but they have made the decision and we respect their decision," said prosecutor Anne Elmore.

But Elmore says this case doesn't give women free license to shoot their boyfriends. "This is not open season on men. Each case has to be viewed on its own merits."

Now, the two families must move on. Redmond's as she resumes her life and Shorter's as they cope with their loss.

Both the prosecution and the defense say their condolences go out to the family of Kevin Shorter. Because it was a very emotional ordeal for all the families involved.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,