Metro officers wear purple ribbons for Sgt. Cain

Metro officers wear purple ribbons for Sgt. Cain

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - You may notice Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officers wearing something a little different.

They're wearing purple ribbons in honor of one of their own who's in the fight of his life. This is just one of the ways they plan to support Sergeant John Cain and his battle with cancer.
Sgt. Cain made international headlines after he grabbed the arm of an injured runner at the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Savannah last November and together they crossed the finish line.

The runner is a cancer survivor and was running in honor of his father who recently died of cancer. Then, just last month doctors diagnosed Sgt. Cain with pancreatic cancer.

"As I get closer to that finish line, I know there's going to be people that will help pick me up and help cross that finish line," said Sgt. Cain.

Some of those people: SCMPD.

"We're like family," said Detective Allison Nichols. "We would take a bullet for our brothers or sisters.  We put our lives on the line every day for each other so we really are just one big family. It was heartbreaking. I mean, literally brought me to tears to hear that such a good guy was diagnosed with something like this."

Now, the SCMPD family is wearing purple ribbons for pancreatic cancer and they are collecting donations for the ribbons at area precincts.

"Some of his expenses will not be covered by insurance so any donations are accepted," said Detective Nichols.

The police department is determined to not let Sgt. Cain take on this fight alone.

"Sometimes bad things happen but I know Cain.  He's a fighter and I know he's going to fight through this. He's a real good guy, positive. He's the example of what a police officer should be," said Sergeant Andre Jackson.  "We're just here to support you and fight with you.  Anything we can do, that's what we're here to do."
Metro Police say they are also planning a hero's run in Sgt. Cain's honor. They say that will be coming up in February and they'll release more details as we get closer.

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