Breakfast Prepares Adjutants for Parade

They're the people in the white coats and their day starts very early. The Saint Patrick's Day parade adjutants are responsible for lining up all the people marching in the parade, but before they do, they get to fill up on eggs and green grits.

Parade adjutants are busy all day long and every year they manage to get the parade off to a great start.

"You put it all together, you print in out on the computer and there's nothing you can really do and just hope for the best," said adjutant Chat Howard. "We've had a couple cancellations, a couple people out with the flu that's going around, so we'll make our adjustments and put on a good parade for everybody."

The adjutants also get to march in the parade. They're usually the last ones you see in the procession.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,