No Lewd Beads Allowed

One of the things you can't miss during the Saint Patrick's Day festivities are the beads. And in years past, there have been some that aren't exactly appropriate for young eyes. So this year, lewd beads were banned, which has some venders extremely upset.

There are many kinds to chose from, but the kind you won't be getting anymore are the ones we can't show you, because they're naughty.

"They're pretty much our top-selling item," said vendor Bryce Jordan. "They're our cash crop basically."

Many vendors say the City of Savannah will be losing money. Because of this new law, they will not be coming back next year. But will these out-of-town street vendors make much of a difference if they don't come back? Local vendors say no.

"There's women and children, and if you start just carrying that stuff around, you're just going to run people off, local folks especially," said Alan Brooks who works on River Street.

"I think it's kind of ridiculous," said Jordan. "We never really had them out, especially during the parades and whatnot, but at night time, that's what a lot of people are here for."

Many of the out-of-town vendors say the only reason they sell lewd beads is because so many people ask for them.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,