Fires decrease as temps stay warm

Fires decrease as temps stay warm

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We have seen record breaking warm temperatures, and although many of you may be disappointed or begging for the cold to get her, there is one group who says they temps have really helped them.

Not only has Savannah Fire seen a huge decrease in the number of fires caused by heaters, fans and space heaters. They credit it to these warmer temps and hopefully that their message of safety is getting across.

With the cold temps over the past two days, Savannah Fire says they didn't see any fires that were caused by heaters. That is a big improvement from years past where firefighters could run three to five fires a night, many of them started by space heaters.

Savannah Fire says the weather is a great help but also they feel people are actually listening to their warnings, unlike other warnings in the city, for example, locking your cars. Savannah Fire says as people do their part more it helps save their resources if unexpected tragedy strikes.

"But it can be taxing sometimes. It is great when we don't have this situation where it involves a space heater or any type of fire like that, a kitchen fire. It is great because all of our resources are then available to respond to that one unfortunate call or incident," said Savannah Fire Public Information Officer Mark Keller.

They also credit the decrease in fires to the advancement in technology when it comes to heaters. Companies have created heaters that are ceramic. If they tip over, they shut off. Many of them have timers as well.

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