181st Annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade

A lot of people bundled up to watch the 181st annual Saint Patrick's Day parade in Savannah. It really shows their dedication. What's so amazing about the parade is that many people have seen it many times, but even in the cold and rain they have a great time watching.

The parade route was packed. Sitting shoulder to shoulder this year actually helped people stay warm. Henry Sims was sitting in a prime spot in Lafayette Square. "You have to know somebody," he said about his location. "You got to know a guy."

He watched with thousands of other parade goers as the parade passed by. Bagpipers from New York to Ireland. Daring dune cats and high-flying flags. "I love the parade, it's my first Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah and I'm enjoying it quite well."

One couple even got engaged along the way.

Charlotte Muller and her family come to Savannah from Atlanta every year. "Probably my 10th or 11th and I'm only 11 years old, so that's pretty good," one of her children told us.

Her Saint Patrick's Day spirit just grows and grows. "Sometimes we get beads. I like being here with my family and we get to kiss the soldiers."

The soldiers were by far one of the crowd favorites. But this year, deployed soldiers' families who were marching in their place were also a big hit.

WTOC will rebroadcast the parade in its entirety this Saturday night at 11:30pm.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com