Return of the Shriners

There were many highlights in today's Saint Patrick's Day parade, including the the Alee Temple Shriners. After three years, the Shriners returned to the parade that is a Savannah tradition. They had fun. The crowd had fun. And more Shriners took part in the parade than ever before.

They all were there: the pirates, the belly dancers, and the clowns.

"It feels great," said potentate Brooks Gaudry.

Gaudry says the parade committee wanted to limit the number of Shriners in the parade, so they walked. This year, they buried the hatchet and were welcomed back. "Our units were excited and they all said they wanted to be back in and we are glad to be here today," he told us.

And the crowd loved seeing them again, dune cats and all. "They make the parade so exciting and they are fun guys," said spectator Heidi Schraffner.

"They have been gone three years, and it's nice to see them again," said Kidra Porter.

For the Shriners, there was plenty of affection.

"We always have a good time," said Gaudry. "And this is what the Shriners do. This is our venue. And we love to parade."

The Shriners also sent nine of their units to Augusta for Saint Patrick's Day festivities. They wanted to be loyal to Augusta, where they've marched in the past, but also make their return in Savannah bigger and better than ever.

Reported by: Don Logana,