Sinn Fein Breakfast

There is only one place in Savannah to find the "official" green grits of Saint Patrick's Day, the Sinn Fein breakfast at Savannah Golf Club. As usual, a burning bowl of green grits was the center of attention.

Legend has it these grits are specially grown in Ireland just for the Sinn Fein Society. They usually burn sparklers, too, but a little accident last year changed that.

"Unfortunately, no sparklers because we burned a hole in the rug last year and we had to pay for it, $500 and that's all of our assets," said Troy Buoy of the Green Grits Committee. "So now we are poor. Well, actually the green grit farm took care of breakfast."

Fortunately this time, the fire department did not get called to the golf club.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,