Band Involved in Last Year's Wreck Returns to Parade

A car crash last year in the parade injured eight people. Three of those were members of the Monmouth County Pipes and Drums from New Jersey, but it didn't stop them from coming back. In fact, they took the lead in this year's parade.

Before the grand marshal and right after the police, parade-goers took pictures and gave a standing ovation to this year's parade leaders.

"We're just wondering who's behind us," said John Prachar.

Luckily this year it was walking group after walking group, no cars. All three injured last year are still recuperating from their injuries.

And while those three did not march, they came back to watch. These Jersey boys knew they liked this parade too much to quit. "As a band, we all agreed you finish what you start and we never finished last year, so we had to come back and finish the parade this year," said Prachar.

Although they sometimes feel like the luck of the Irish isn't with them in Savannah. "We're 0 for three," said Brian Gillespie. "We are rained on the first year, we get hit last year and this year it's 40 degrees."

But compare to where they are from, they say the weather is great and they will be back if they are invited.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,