Good News: Garrison students earn all-state honors

Good News: Garrison students earn all-state honors

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - There was a certain star quality to band class Tuesday at Garrison School of Visual and Performing Arts, after several students were selected to play in the Georgia Music Educators Association All-State Band.

"In the music world, it doesn't get any bigger," said Garrison Director of Bands Michael Huthcinson. "We're talking about the top kids in the state of Georgia. Not Chatham County, not Savannah, the state of Georgia.''

Five members of the Garrison wind ensemble and four orchestra students qualified through tryouts and will participate in a state-wide all-star concert in Athens in March.

"They put on a performance in three days," said Garrison Orchestra Director Katie Devyatkin. "They start rehearsing Thursday evening and they perform Saturday. So they really are going to work really hard. They will be exhausted, but they will be so excited about the quality of the performance that it will increase their confidence to be able to do something that incredible in such a short period of time.''

This selection is the musical equivalent of being named all-state in football or basketball.

"Years from now,'' said Hutchinson, "when they think back that I was in the all-star band in the 7th grade, in the 8th grade, it will be a big honor to remember.''

But for the students who earned it, there was a more immediate statement.

"We're going to be playing with the top players in the state,'' said Arnold Rose.

"And we are the top players in the state,'' added Emma Smith.

And they gave Garrison music classes something to sing about.

The SCCPSS students who will be part of this year's All-State Band are listed below:


  • Jimmy Kim, alto saxophone
  • Emma Faith Smith, alto saxophone
  • John King, alto saxophone
  • Arnold Rose, trumpet
  • Emily Grace Smith, French horn


  • Issac Combs, trumpet
  • Kennedy Mays, clarinet


  • Olivia Littlejohn, clarinet


  • Joel Ballard, trombone
  • Javon Sloman-Green, tuba
  • Katelyn West, bassoon
  • Luana Oliveira, flute
  • Maria Longoria, oboe
  • Evan Parker, clarinet
  • Noah Prince, trumpet
  • Nicole Pierce, clarinet

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